“My first ever experience with acro yoga was seeing Austin base [Jen] in something relatively simple, but it looked like the neatest thing I'd ever seen. Imagine how thrilled I was when Austin offered to base me and teach me some simple moves! The friend I was with said he saw my eyes light up from the inside! The acro community is so inclusive and quirky and adventurous and wonderful, it keeps me playing which keeps me young in body and soul.

I love you Jen, your spirit as an instructor and friend helps me see the world in a light and positive way and helps keep me creative and imaginative in the concrete jungle of downtown Denver. You remind me that it's a jungle gym!”

-Hillary S. 

“Jen and Austin are two of the best and encouraging acro teachers... They do a great job of teaching the basic's, all the way to the more advanced poses and disciplines. They make you feel welcome and comfortable in the partner setting. If you have ever thought about giving this form of acrobatics/yoga a try, these are the two to do it with.   Two big thumbs up.”

-Joshua H.

"Jen and Austin are both very good at breaking down complicated acroyoga transitions into simpler moves and poses. This makes it easier to learn new skills, communicate with your partners, and prevent injury. They make sure the Denver acroyoga community is inclusive to everyone, but also challenging for acroyoga veterans."

-Drew B.

"I haven't taken one of Jen's AcroYoga classes, but her Power Yoga classes were some of my favorites.  She'd push my boundaries while making me giggle.  At the end of class I'd felt like I'd spent the last hour playing, but was also exhausted from a serious workout.  They were perfect!"

-Jessica P.

“Acro Yoga, learn to fly,  no security screening ! Super cool new friends from all walks of life. No age limit (I'm 62 !)”


“I struggle to find the best words to describe our wonderful experience... The best response I can think of would simply be "Wow, it was awesome!" We really enjoyed meeting you... and we can't wait to attend more events”

-Rob H.

Jen Cameron shows up with a playful heart. Her curiosity for life, movement and the pursuit of play have lead her into a most joyful practice. As a teacher and student of both Yoga and AcroYoga she is constantly inspired by new heights and new depths to explore. She hopes to be an explorer for the rest of her life. 

With an educational background in Sociology and Psychology, Jen was looking for a way to connect with people and offer healing. Through Yoga and AcroYoga she found her means to do so. She is a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher (2010) and Certified AcroYoga Teacher (2013). She also trained in the 2018 LIFT Acrobatics Teacher Apprenticeship. 


​Jen Cameron

Owner and Creator of Flight Club

Amanda Jo Law, Matt JEfffers & Drew Butler

Flight Club Teachers


Amanda Jo, Matt and Drew have been practicing with and assisting Flight Club for many years. They continue to cultivate their skills as teachers and community leaders!

Flight Club is available  for private lessons and workshops in: AcroYoga, Handstands, Therapeutic Flight, Thai Massage, and Yoga with Jen. Also available to lead sessions or perform at private or corporate events. They have led group bonding events for Bachelorette parties and Company retreats.

Flight Crew:

Flight Club Ambassadors/assistants

We have a great group of Acrobats who uphold Flight Club's values of safety and inclusivity. They help support the teachers and apprentices in many events and are here to support you! 

Denver ​AcroYoga

Flight Club