Flight Club is a place to learn and play with all elements of AcroYoga. It is a Denver community founded in 2013, from handful of playful people looking to build a safe space for growing through this practice. Less flash, more substance and years of experience make Flight Club a special place for a lot of people. 


Photos of our community by several amazing local photographers. Also check out the "Blooper Reel" and a link to our video.

Flight Club

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Denver ​AcroYoga

Flight Club is a lifestyle; it is the constant pursuit of play. Join the Facebook group for updates and community postings about all things AcroYoga in Denver and more! 

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About Flight club

Dearest Acrobats,

We look forward to a time when we can play again! For the time being, please stay connected with our community in our Facebook Group. 

​Love, light & Flight Club

About AcroYoga

​AcroYoga is a playful practice that combines the wisdom of Yoga, the excitement of Acrobatics and the healing elements of Thai Massage. AcroYoga is the practice of "building community through Divine Play". Learn to base, fly and spot with us!