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Flight Club Policies, Rules & Etiquette

Denver ​AcroYoga

TIMELINESS: Arrive at least 5 minuets BEFORE the start of a class or workshop to get signed in so we can start ON TIME. 

Arriving after 15 minutes into a class or workshop is NOT advised. You will miss an important warm up and risk injury by joining without warming up your body.

Classes and workshops progressively advance in skills, missing early instruction puts you and your partners in danger of injury. We will not permit students to join if they have missed the first half of a class or workshop. Coming late does not entitle you to a discount. 

CLEANLINESS: AcroYoga is a close contact activity so hygiene is important and appreciated. Wash your hands and feet and keep nails trimmed short. 

BEHAVIOR: We do not tolerate inappropriate or threatening behaviors. This includes being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and unwelcome sexual advances (verbal and/or physical). If we think your behavior is dangerous, threatening or predatory you  will be asked to leave and will not be issued a refund. 

​CHILDREN: Children are allowed to participate in events with their parent or guardian present under certain guidelines. Our classes our geared to adults looking to learn the practice of AcroYoga. We love children and families to learn together, however a public class is not the ideal place for that. Parents working with their child or children must work with other adult students so that there is always an appropriate spotter present. Family AcroYoga workshops are offered on a rotating schedule! 

SAFETY: Spotting is NOT and option in classes or workshops. We teach spotting skills so that the entire community grows safely. Even if you feel comfortable with the skill we require you to use the spotter in your group so that they too may learn valuable skills. 

If you are working on a new or dangerous skill at a Jam please ask for a spotter. It is up to you to inform the spotter of how you want to be spotted and where the danger is. Please choose an appropriate spotter who is willing and able. 

Feel free to say "no" or "no thank you" to working with any person or on any skill. If you do not feel comfortable with something, speak up or ask a teacher for support. 

​Always inform your partners  and instructors of any injuries you are dealing with or recovering from. Make intelligent choices with your bodies and communicate your needs with everyone you work with. 

Have Fun: We love this practice because it is fun! If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or frustrated- take a step back. Go back to familiar skills or sit back and watch what is going on around you. Working on skills while angry or upset will not be fun for you or your partners. Ask for the support you need and give yourself a timeout if you feel overwhelmed.