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Denver ​AcroYoga

Have you been practicing poses and transitions? Looking for the next step? Put it all together, rinse and repeat! 

Washing Machines are a combination of poses and transitions that cycle from start to end and begin again. This workshop is intended for students looking to refine their practice or to take the next steps (literally) in their practice.
Experience in these skills needed to attend:
* Front plank
* Supported Shoulder Stand
* Star
* Stepping from front plank to thrones (regular and straddle)
* Ready, willing and able to spot a same-size partner
(It is OK if you have these skills in either base or flyer role, you will have the opportunity to chose to train one or both during the workshop- spotting is not optional).

AcroYoga is a style of practice that combines the principles of partner acrobatics, the body awareness of Yoga and the healing arts of Therapeutic Flying and Thai Massage. These styles combined together lend to a playful expression of trust, communication and connection.

This introductory workshop will allow you to grow your wings and fly with the support of your community.  In 3 hours you will learn the basics of AcroYoga to get your practice of flight off the ground.

Laugh, connect, and play! No partner or experience needed.

Investment: $45

(20%off Kindness Members and Staff)

Chris Filkins

The Original Muscle Beach Training

Location: Boulder & Denver

​May 19-21

Chris is one of the west coasts most prominent soft foot specialists and his teachings have been key to a number of world famous local teachers who have all come up under Chris’ classes. So there will be lots of soft foot training and of course a series of washing machines which emphasize effortless and casual foot transfers in way which serves the body of the flyer - not the ego of the base.

In this 15 hour intensive we will dig very deeply into a number of areas: crocs & gut levers, non-standard inversions, hand to hand, mono & goofy mono supports, side star floats and other strong flyer transitions, pops, & tons of training pieces.


AcroYoga Fundamentals

SundayMay 21st 6:00-9:00pm

Location: Kindness Yoga S. Broadway Studio

We are excited to have Lux come to Colorado and share new Acro and Spotting techniques!
One area in Acro where we still need a significant amount of attention is safety, and in particular, proper spotting techniques. One of our next great challenges is to get smarter about the risks involved in this practice so that we can practice increasing complicated content, wisely and safely.


Lux Seattle Acro

Spotting Tour: Colorado Edition

Location: Boulder & Denver

​July 8-9

Classic Washing Machines: Round 2!

Saturday June 3rd 4:00-6:00pm

Kompound RiNo: 3034 Larimer St. Denver